Garanti has been the main sponsor of WWF-Turkey for 26 years with the slogan Garanti for Nature. WWF is one of the largest wildlife protection associations in the world, with 13,000

projects conducted annually around the world and 6,200 employees in more than 100 countries.

Due to its long-term support for WWF-Turkey’s nature conservation projects, Garanti was recognized in 2008 for the second time with the Golden Panda award and remains the only Turkish company to have won this award.

In 2012, Garanti Bank joined the WWF green office program with the aim of ensuring increased energy efficiency in its headquarters and being pro-active in the fight against climate change and qualified to receive WWF Green Office Certificate for its Headquarters in 2014. Garanti aims to obtain the WWF Green Office Certificate for 6 new buildings in coming years. 

Garanti also supports the Earth Hour movement organized by the WWF every year in order to point out the world’s environmental problems.