Learning and Development

Garanti identifies the requirements in training and development programs by analyzing needs through one-on-one interviews, workshops or surveys conducted within all departments and branches. As Garanti, we have realized all the development and learning activities that we have designed and planned in our bank with the vision of raising the best human resources of the financial sector and seeing development as continuous investment and development as an investment tool. In 2017; with Garanti Learning Culture, we had our new training model – “Faculty Model”, which we aimed to create an effective development environment that would respond to the needs of our employees and proliferate them professionally. 

We have supported this with technology based approaches where one takes responsibility for development in line with career goals, guiding the person, providing various ways for holistic development, supporting business results, measuring learning with reliable standards, and receiving feedback on the results. Within our faculty system, we placed our trainings under five different faculties according to their subjects. These are; 

  • Customer Experience and Sales
  • General Banking
  • Credit
  • Investment
  • Leadership 

In 2018, our sixth faculty, Digital, will be added to our model. Parallel to our approach, Garanti introduced the new “Garanti Corporate Learning” platform that is plain, easy to understand, innovative and compliant with UX standards. The new platform, allows our employees to easily follow up their development histories, future trainings, credits they earn and levels in the Faculty Model. Meanwhile, managers can monitor their teams’ development areas and accordingly, suggest various training solutions to them. “Garanti Learning Technologies” offers access to various platforms including live broadcasts, simulations, videos, e-library and mobile learning through mobile devices anytime, anywhere. 

A dedicated Sustainability E-Learning Program was established in 2012, which includes trainings regarding sustainability criteria in the credit appraisal processes, thematic trainings regarding financing solar power projects, carbon pricing, and environmental and social impact management in the loan processes. Total duration of trainings provided under the Sustainability E-learning Program during 2017 was 1,490 hours. Every year, managers attend the Garanti Leadership Academy that is established to build on managerial skills along with joint management culture. As identified each year before the program starts, the theme of the Academy for 2017 was “change”. In 2017, Garanti provided approximately 36 hours of training per employee. The ratio of digital training increased by 9 percentage points and reached 27% in 2017. While the main topics consisted of customer experience, digitalization, compliance, big data analysis and leadership development, it is intended to increase the weight of digital trainings versus classroom sessions.