Internal Meetings

Gelecek (Future) Meetings

Garanti Bank holds Gelecek (Future) Meetings that allow strategies for the new period to be discussed with a joint approach after the Bank’s senior management undertakes an evaluation of the previous year’s results with employees. These meetings reflect a corporate culture based on teamwork, joint thinking, sustainability and social benefit in which employees are able to comfortably express their thoughts and suggestions on different platforms.

4 Season Meetings

Garanti Bank has been organizing regional 4 Season Meetings since 2009 with the aim of increasing employees’ motivation, improving employee relations, and achieving communication more effectively within the Bank. 4 Season Meetings create an opportunity for branch employees in a certain region to get together and socialize in an informal environment.

Garanti Managers Summit

Held annually, the Garanti Managers Summit brings together managers of Garanti Bank and its subsidiaries and is a special sharing and a common learning platform. The theme of the summit is determined particularly in accordance with the priorities of the Bank and the latest global developments and trends, financial projections, cultural changes and consumer behavior.