Employee Contribution

Garanti Bank attaches considerable importance to its employees’ contributions to innovation processes. For this purpose, Garanti Bank uses the ‘Önersen’ and ‘Atölye’ idea platforms in order to collect the employees’ various suggestions regarding the improvement of the products, services or processes. 


At Garanti Bank, employee suggestions regarding products, services and processes are taken into account and used for improving the efficiency of internal operations. Employee comments are used as input for constant improvement, which are communicated by means of the “Önersen” (You Suggest)

platform whereby employees share their ideas and suggestions. In use since 2007, the suggestion platform “Önersen” collected 1.313 suggestions in 2017 and reached over 22.000 suggestions since 2007 to date. Besides the “Önersen” platform, the employees are able to share their suggestions and comments on any topic through the “Ask/Share” section under the new intranet portal launched in 2016. Employee suggestions are taken into consideration by the relevant units and business processes are revised as necessary. 


In the scope of “Atölye”, a project-based idea platform, active since 2010, which collects innovative ideas from employees during the projects, 7 projects were opened with employee ideas. 

Volunteer Clovers 

We believe that staff’s involvement in social responsibility activities as Garanti Bank employees increases their loyalty to our Bank and their jobs. These efforts not only speed up the value creation of our Bank as a corporate citizen, but also enable our employees’ to correlate social responsibility with their identities as employees, and help them create a bond with their work. Established by our employees, the Volunteer Clovers Club carries out projects with the mission to prominently increase social and environmental awareness and responsibility. 

In 2016, the Volunteer Clovers continued the Wish Tree project, collecting the “wishes” of a total of 2,468 primary school students from 14 schools in 7 cities, including Adana, Ağrı, Balıkesir, Erzurum, Istanbul, Mardin and Trabzon, and took action to make these wishes come true. Within the scope of the project, the wishes which consisted of clothes, technological devices, stationery, sports equipment, shoes, books and toys were chosen by the employees, and were sent to the Volunteer Clovers in the relevant cities to be delivered to the children.