Within the scope of its corporate responsibility strategy, Garanti believes that it is imperative to increase the quality of education and the access to quality education, in order to ensure the economic and social integration with the contemporary world and sustainable development of societies.

The Teacher Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) was established in August 2008 by Garanti, in order to contribute to the personal and professional development of teachers, who will contribute to raising young generations aware of their individual and social responsibilities, who research and question, are self-confident, care about the continuity of personal development and are able to protect the cultural heritage of the country.

ÖRAV, the first and the only civil society organization focusing on this area in Turkey, educated nearly 144,150 teachers to date in 81 provinces through the projects “High School - Learning and Leading Teacher”, “Result Oriented Communications”, “Program for the Development of Education Executives”, “The Chemistry of Teaching”, and “Creative Child, Creative Mind”. Garanti aims to reach 160.000 teachers by the end of 2017. In addition to ongoing projects, eKampüs website, which was designed as a complementary platform for continuing education and information sharing, has 111,115 active registered users.

80,000 registered active users visit the “e-Campus” web site that was developed as a continuing education and information sharing platform to complement ongoing projects. 

Garanti became the main sponsor of the “Math and Science Fun Learning” training program which is developed in partnership with the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) in order to increase the problem solving ability and science-math skills of primary education students.  

The TEGV program, which will be organized with the support of volunteers, is aimed at reaching 100,000 students from 37 cities in 3.5 years.

Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation established its Continuous Education Unit in April 2015 with the support of Garanti. The Continuous Education Unit works on increasing the capacity of Special Education Practice Center teachers, combining schools and branch teachers who take care of the education of individuals with autism, planning parental trainings, developing the foundation portal and maintaining its continuity and contributing to the development of training materials and methods.

Garanti became the main sponsor of the Young Life Foundation “Ben de Varım” project, which began in 2014, and aims to achieve recruitment and social inclusiveness of the students and teachers from Girls’ Technical and Vocational High Schools. The project is aiming to raise awareness towards social gender equality, increasing the knowledge of parents on the recruitment of young girls and informing the internship sponsors in the institutions where students complete their internships on working with students and providing feedback.

Garanti Bank is the main corporate sponsor of TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation), which is a change and transformation project that aims to turn the energy of youth into social benefit and ensure the organization of youth and development of social responsibility projects based on the needs identified. TOG youth has been active developing social responsibility projects based on the needs identified in the groups, social clubs and societies in their universities.