Community Investments

We believe that a strong economy is conceivable only through strong communities and individuals. To this end, we create shared value through our strategic community programs focusing on material issues such as skills gap, education, cultural development and environment.

At Garanti Bank, we consider long-term community investment efforts a fundamental element of our sustainability approach. We aim to support social development and create shared value through our efforts in these areas. We believe that a strong economy is conceivable only through a strong communities and strong individuals. Accordingly, we focus on projects that benefit the society, people at the center, and create (or has the potential to create) “Shared Value” for our bank and our stakeholders. We have sped up our efforts to run our community investment programs with a strategic perspective, implement long-lasting impact in line with our responsible banking principles, and achieve strategic compliance with the bank's core businesses. To this end, we invested 20.3 million Turkish lira for social development projects in 2017.

Garanti conducted a Social Impact Analysis with the Social Return on Investment (SROI)3 method in order to assess the value and the social impact of 10 ongoing projects in 2016. According to the results of the analysis, the SROI values are 2.49 for the Bank's education & skills gap projects, 2.19 for entrepreneurship projects, and 2.46 for culture and arts projects.






2018 target

Nº people visited SALT (cumulative)





Nº teachers reached through the Teachers Academy Foundation (cumulative)






 3 Social Return on Investment (SROI): SROI is an approach created to measure social impact of projects. According to technical literature, projects with an SROI value higher than 1:1 are considered as successful projects in terms of social return, whereas projects within financial sector with an SROI value higher than 2:1 are accepted as very successful.