That is a quote from an interview Albert Einstein gave in 1929. He also added, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Imagination is important. But what’s more important is to bring imagination together with scientific methodology. That calls for mastery, passion and experience. Making use of knowledge and shaping the future without shutting imagination out is one of the fundamentals of being a pioneer, a leader.

Ever since the day it was founded, Garanti Bank first imagined all the innovative and creative products and ervices it has introduced to the Turkish banking sector, then believed in them, then designed and introduced them. Its uninhibited imagination and making “why not” its starting point, instead of “no way”, make up other key secondary reasons that Garanti is able to pioneer its sector.

Always focused on improvement, always working to find solutions, Garanti values the voice of its customers, employees and stakeholders in keeping with its corporate culture that fosters innovation. Garanti Bank believes in the power of listening, participating, contributing and creating shared value. Convinced that its impact is not restricted to banking services only, Garanti ponders how it can contribute value to the economy and the community, and works to build a better world. These are the fundamental characteristics that differentiate Garanti.

Those who adhere to imagination are original, open to novelties, unafraid of change, constantly evolve and are pioneers. Moreover, Garanti thinks big, and being a close follower of global mega trends, works to lead transformation and to exceed expectations.

2017 Integrated Annual Report of Garanti Bank is, in fact, a dream that came true. In its first integrated report that is the product of a lengthy and thorough teamwork, Garanti describes its way of thinking and its approach to long-lived value creation. In doing that, the Bank gets visual support from children, in other words, the beings with the most powerful imagination. Each individual is born with an active imagination and moves on to the world of reality as he or she grows older. Those who do not lose the child within are called pioneers.

Garanti grows, shapes its sector, and moves forward without losing the child within, therefore without losing its imagination and enthusiasm, but reflecting them on its business, processes, products and services instead. For 71 years, Garanti has been using its imagination to ask, “Anything else we can help you with?”

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