Our Strategy

Our Strategic Priorities


  • Constantly improve business model and processes with operational and environmental efficiency point of view
  • Cost and revenue synergies


  • Constantly invest in digital platforms so as to provide unrivaled customer experience, transaction convenience, and pioneering solution suggestions
  • Expand our digital customer base and increase the share of digital channels in our sales

Employee Happiness

  • Invest in our employees focusing on their development, satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Form teams possessing team spirit, acting with shared wisdom, social responsibility and delivering results
  • Embrace a fair and transparent management policy based on performance, focused on equal opportunities, diversity and promoting from within

Customer Experience

  • Offer our customers an excellent experience by placing them at the center of all our activities and efforts
  • Always be transparent, clear and responsible towards our customers
  • Design our processes from our customers’ perspective, vesting them in a swift, easy and plain format
  • Help our customers in making informed decisions through supporting financial literacy, health and inclusion in solutions that we offer
  • Have long-lived relationships with our customers that is built on trust by exceeding their expectations and enhancing their satisfaction
  • Offer innovative solutions and advise our customers to grow their businesses in a sustainable manner

Optimal Capital Utilization

  • Use capital effectively so as to maximize the value to be created
  • Focus on disciplined and sustainable growth on the basis of true banking principle
  • Strict adherence to solid asset quality

Responsible and Sustainable Development

  • Implement an advanced corporate governance model that promotes our core values
  • Act with the principles of trust, integrity, accountability and transparency against all stakeholders
  • Effective risk management through world-class integrated management of financial and non-financial risks
  • Create shared value through lending based on impact investment principles
  • Drive positive change through strategic partnerships
  • Focus on community investment programs which deliver impactful outcomes on material issues