Sustainable Finance and Customers

Garanti Bank aims to embed sustainability through the entire customer service cycle and has already developed numerous sustainability products and services, ranging from SME banking to retail banking and project finance.

Importance of Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Listening to customers, identifying their needs and addressing areas where they are not satisfied are the cornerstones of Garanti Bank’s customer experience process and an important element of its sustainable economic performance.

Customer experience has always been one of the main pillars of Garanti’s strategy. We strongly believe that companies delivering compelling experience are and will become the most successful ones in their industries. Customer experience is even more important in today’s ever changing environment accelerated by technology. Boundaries between industries have already blurred, and digital business models create the new norms for all business areas. Solutions that delight customers easily become the standard not for a specific category but for all.

Garanti’s success on executing its customer experience strategies rely on four key competencies: customer understanding capacity, design philosophy, empathetic culture and measurement systems.

In accordance with its aim to be ranked #1 in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) Garanti has been the leader in (NPS), among peers, for two consecutive years.

Garanti Bank built a platform named Customer Experience Platform, participated by various customer related departments, in order to bring all customer experience related issues into one place.

Garanti Bank is engaged with its customers as part of the banking service process. Customers are able to submit their feedback to the Bank through a number of channels, including the Customer Careline