Garanti is always on the side of sports and athletes.

Considering the value we will add to our country, to the society and to individuals, we keep track of the needs of the country and the society, and develop our corporate social responsibility works in this direction.

We conduct studies to ensure that the activities we support are adopted, internalized and popularized in order to really add value to social life.

We evaluate all our studies within the scope of sports sponsorships accordingly. We have been supporting 12 Giant Men since 2001, 12 Giant Men Basketball Schools since 2002 and Pixies of the Court since 2005. Since April 2013, we have been supporting women's, men's and junior Wheelchair Basketball National Teams and also became the main sponsor of Wheelchair Basketball Leagues.

Garanti's support continues in all areas of basketball.

Teamwork, discipline, faith and self-confidence that are inherent to basketball are some of essential characteristics of Garanti's corporate culture. Within this framework, Garanti supports basketball with a wide range from youth setups to the level of national teams, and thus ensures that basketball culture is well adopted.

For this reason, Garanti has undertaken the main sponsorship of 12 Giant Men (Men's National Basketball Team) since 2001. Within the scope of the main sponsorship for the Men's National Basketball Team, it also put the 12 Giant Men Basketball Schools project into practice, in order to convey basketball to Anatolia and teach pupils basketball.

In 2005 it undertook main sponsorship for our Women's National Basketball Team, in order to support the EuroBasket Women that was organized in Turkey. With the communication campaign that it started in 2005, it called them "Pixies of The Court".

As of 2013 it started supporting Wheelchair Basketball and became the main sponsor of women's, men's and junior Wheelchair Basketball National Teams and Wheelchair Basketball Leagues.

12 Giant Men won the silver medal in 2010 FIBA World Cup, and the Pixies of the Court took the 4th place in the 2014 World Championship for Women that was organized in Turkey. Our Men's Wheelchair National Basketball Team, 12 Brave Hearts, won the third prize in the World Championship in 2014.

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