Segment-Specific Programs that Contributes to Sustainability

The Bank adds value to the lives of its customers by offering segment-specific programs for customers of all ages such as;

  • Garantili Gelecek (Guaranteed Future) for Kids;
  • Bonus Genç (Bonus Young);
  • Retirement Banking.

Garantili Gelecek (Guaranteed Future) is a program that features advantageous savings and education insurance for parents who want to secure the futures of their children from today.

Bonus Genç (Bonus Young) program was launched in 2013 and offers products and services that aim to cover the banking needs of young people, especially university students. One offering of the Program is a credit card without annual management fees. Another product offer, Harçlık Hesap (Allowance Account) , enables young people to interact with fundamental banking products such as internet banking, current account deposits and Paracard. Furthermore, it provides the means for parents to give their children allowances automatically and without incurring banking fees.

The aim of the Bank’s Retirement Banking Program aims to be the private bank of retirees. Elderly customers who receive their government pension payments via Garanti Bank are able to withdraw their pensions from ATMs with a single push of the button and are provided various advantages such as special pricing in personal loans and exemptions from account management fees.

Under the scope of the program, other family members apart from the parents can also contribute to the savings for children with the Garantili Gelecek Account. Savings that are allocated from accounts or credit cards gain value in the fund. Garantili Gelecek Insurance, which is made available with a discount to account owners, places the education of the children under guarantee with securities. On top of this, smart piggy banks that are gifted to children who are saving with the Garantili Gelecek Account help them gain a habit of saving.

With the Agriculture Banking Mobile Branches, farmers can get access to banking services they need in the fields or facilities, reducing their time and expenses.