Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System

In line with local regulations on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Garanti formed a specialized OHS Team in 2013 under HR and gave momentum to efforts in this field. Renamed the OHS Division in 2015, the unit carries on with its work throughout Turkey with a team of 41 (OHS experts, occupational physicians, occupational nurses). The Head Office OHS Division coordinates OHS requirements of all locations. In coordination with its lines of business, Garanti ensures uninterrupted OHS communication by way of monitoring findings and recommendations on OHS, and collecting the opinions of employees through the OHS Employee Representatives in the locations. 

In 2017, OHS experts, occupational physicians and occupational nurses provided 40,968 hours of service. Garanti developed the OHS software in use, thereby exhibiting our distinction from other financial services institutions in Turkey. In 2017, Garanti Bank began computerized monitoring for all its applications and started to use a number of modules such as Non-Conformity Management, Incident Management and Risk Assessment in coordination with related business lines. 

In the Risk Assessment process, the risks identified so far at all Garanti Bank locations have been audited and an institutional roadmap format has been created. Corrective and preventive activities of this format are also monitored through Non-Conformity Management. In 2017, a total of 1,920 corrective or preventive activities were carried out to create a healthier and safer working environment at Garanti Bank locations. Workplace accidents that occurred in all locations, findings that were established, and suggestions that were received were tracked together with the relevant units also during 2017. Ongoing activities included the provision of OHS experts and On-site Physician services at 21 locations with 50 and more employees, regular quarterly OHS Committee Meetings and the updating of risk assessments to reflect the changes in workplace conditions. 

In 2017, many OHS trainings were continued and a more interactive learning process was planned with the new OHS training design. Employee awareness was enhanced, especially through seminars and simulations on safe driving. 135,767 hours of OHS Training were provided to employees across the Bank in 2017. In 2017, Garanti developed the Patient Appointment System (PAS) within the scope of Occupational Health practices, allowing its employees to get a doctor’s appointment through the system, thereby securing efficient use of time and delivery of quality healthcare service. This initiative also ensures more organized performance of new-hire and periodic examinations and better structured execution of outpatient services. Improvements in reporting of the Patient Appointment System in 2017 increased system efficiency and provided the necessary infrastructure for its use in the headquarters. 

In addition, in 2017, the Emergency Management process, which had previously been under the responsibility of the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service of the Internal Control Unit, was handed over to the OHS Division. Evacuation drills were carried out especially after the task development in the emergency teams. Within the context of compliance projects of subsidiaries, activities continued in line with the regulatory requirements regarding OHS. In addition to the processes in some health applications, affiliates have become able to use the same OHS software in the coordination of the OHS Division. Documents such as Internal Directive, Training Procedure, Near Misses and Work Accident Procedure, which convey the implementation details within the scope of the OHS Management System documentation, were created. 


In the reporting period, there were 265 work-related incidents of injury. 


The total lost working days were 41,758 days for women and 18,980 days for men in 2017. The total lost days data is collected on the basis of medical reports of sickness leave and injuries.