Employee Satisfaction

Suggestion and Idea Platforms 

Increasing the employee focus and satisfaction within the Bank practices and ensuring employee representation in HR processes and decision mechanisms. In February 2017, GONG (Developing Opinion and Suggestion) platform was established. GONG is an idea platform, where Garanti

Bank employees share their opinions and suggestions about Human Resources practices and the working environment. Based on one of the suggestions delivered on the GONG platform, employees chose the birthday gifts in 2018. The Gong platform activities were handed over to the Insight and Employee Research Team, which was established in April. 

Suggestion and Idea Platforms Önersen, GONG, and Atölye and the “Ask/Share”- section of the intranet portal serve as a means for employees to submit their suggestions and ideas. “Önersen” (You Suggest) has been instrumental in collecting 1,313 suggestions in 2017 and more than 22,000 in the aggregate since 2007. Through GONG, the voice of employee platform about HR practices and the working environment, 305 opinions were gathered in 2017. 

We invest in our employees by focusing on their development, satisfaction and well-being through an average of 36 hours of training per FTE and 305 well-being programs. We strive to form teams possessing team spirit, acting with shared wisdom, social responsibility and delivering results. We embrace a fair and transparent management policy based on performance, focused on equal opportunities and diversity.

Domestic Violence Platform 

Garanti established the Domestic Violence Platform in order to support employees’ family lives, to lend a hand to employees suffering from domestic violence whenever they need it, and to provide guidance to managers about the effects of domestic violence on the workplace. Garanti also launched the Domestic Violence Hotline offering service 24/7 exclusively to Garanti employees and their next of kin. 

The Employee Engagement Survey is carried out to gather employees’ opinions concerning the working environment at Garanti Bank so as to create a better and more efficient working environment, taking into account feedback from its employees. The scope of the survey includes basic employee-related subjects, such as the performance system, salaries, work/private life balance, job satisfaction, the working environment, development facilities and managers. 

The Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey allows Garanti Bank employees to evaluate the service they have received and to offer their suggestions. The survey includes questions on such criteria as accessibility, teamwork, customer approach, communication, service quality and openness to criticism. 

The 360 Degree Feedback Survey aims to contribute to managers’ development by determining their competencies, as well as their strengths and areas open to development. The findings gathered from the surveys are shared with senior management and managers and used in the proper design of development plans in accordance with employees’ needs.