Customer Committee

The Customer Committee is established to discuss customer experience efforts and convened under the leadership of CEO. Bank’s customer experience strategies are defined by the Committee. It is also responsible for realizing and ensuring continuous effort such as projects which aim to enhance customer experience at every touch point and improve Net Promoter Score. The Committee monitors the policies, procedures, regulations and similar documents under its responsibility with respect to necessary updates, and taking action to keep them up-to-date.p>

In 2018, the Committee held 3 meetings.

Committee Members

Ali Fuat Erbil, Javier Bernal Dionis, Ali Temel, Aydın Düren, Aydın Güler, Didem Dinçer Başer, Ebru Dildar Edin, İlker Kuruöz, Cemal Onaran, Mahmut Akten, Osman Tüzün, Selahattin Güldü, Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu, Hülya Türkmen