Garanti's Integrated Subsidiaries

Garanti Bank International N.V.

GarantiBank International N.V. (GBI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Garanti Bank, was established in 1990 in Amsterdam. Headquartered in the Netherlands, GBI has a branch in Dusseldorf, Germany and representative offices in Switzerland and Turkey. As a client-centric transaction banking institution, GBI furnishes customized, innovative and country-specific financial solutions to its customers worldwide in the areas of international trade finance, global markets sales, structured finance, and corporate and commercial banking.

s of December 31, 2018, GBI’s assets reached USD 4.9 billion.


Garanti Romania

Garanti Romania is one of the most dynamic and innovative financial services groups on the Romanian market and offers a series of high-quality products and services to a wide-ranging customer base from retail and SME to corporate segments. In addition to Garanti Bank SA, Garanti Romania Group covers two financial institutions: Garanti Leasing (Motoractive IFN SA) and Garanti Consumer Finance (Ralfi IFN SA).

Garanti Bank SA presents innovative products with superior technology in Romania, which has a population of 19.5 million, through 78 branches covering 96% of the country, and a broad network of over 218 ATMs. The Bank is active in all of the fields such as retail, SME, commercial and internet banking. GarantiBank SA offers advanced and comprehensive banking services with the objective of becoming one of the top 10 banks in Romania.

Garanti Bank SA has developed a solid portfolio of clients and expanded its national presence through branches and alternative channels, reaching beyond its own customers by providing transactions with or without cards.

As of December 31, 2018 Garanti Bank SA has USD 2.5 billion of assets.


Garanti Mortgage

Garanti Konut Finansmanı Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Garanti Mortgage), the first in the Turkish sector, was established in October 2007, in accordance with the growth potential of mortgages in Turkey, which is one of the most crucial components of the global financial system.

House purchase takes the lead among the long-term and the most important investment decisions for consumers. Recognizing that purchasing a house with a mortgage loan requires expertise, Garanti set out with a dedicated team that closely monitors the developments and needs in Turkey and across the world and designs suitable solutions. Garanti Mortgage continues its operations as the the sector's pioneer with a team of 82 individuals possessing exclusive expertise in this field.


Garanti Payment Systems

Garanti Ödeme Sistemleri A.Ş. (Garanti Payment Systems) was established by Garanti Bank in 1999 on the vision of developing systems that will replace cash. Garanti Payment Systems renders commercial and virtual cards, marketing and e-commerce services including chip-based, multi-branded and co-branded card programs as the fastest and most active service provider in the Turkish credit card market. Defining the structure of the sector with its product implementations and projects diversified according to customer needs and financial dynamics, Garanti adeptly analyzes customer demands thanks to its marketing oriented payment systems team and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. As a result, the Company strives to reach card users in each segment via specially tailored products.


Garanti Securities

Established in 1991, Garanti Securities provides corporate finance, research and capital markets brokerage services to its domestic and foreign clients. Garanti Securities is Turkey’s most preferred brand in corporate finance and brokerage services with its highly experienced team characterized by teamwork and custom-tailored solutions. Garanti Securities has continued to provide returns above the market average to investors, complemented by detailed research reports on ISE-listed companies, on the economy and fixed income securities.

As of December 31, 2017, Garanti Securities is the leading brokerage house, with 8.1 % market share in BIST trading volume.


Garanti Asset Management

Garanti Asset Management 

commencing with its activities in 1997 as the first and pioneering company of its sector serves its customers on mutual funds, pension funds and discretionary portfolio management services of institutions and high net worth individuals. A combination of investment philosophy based on concrete information with an understanding of consistency and professional service enables Garanti Asset Management to respond to steadily changing demands of investors.

Garanti Asset Management has been working with the aim of being the leading company and ensuring that its customers achieve their investment targets with comprehensive research activities and robust risk management. Garanti Asset Management has been differentiating itself in the sector through its efficient business approach and proactive risk management with a professional human resources team consisting of 40 persons, 14 of whom form the investment team. 

As of December 31, 2018, Garanti Asset Management has US$ 3.4 billion of assets under management.


Garanti Pension and Life

Incorporated in 1992, Garanti Pension and Life solidified its prominent position in the sector by concluding a partnership agreement (15%) with Achmea B.V in March 2007.

Garanti Pension, with its 759 personnel, serves 1.7 million pension participants and 1.7 million insured. Operating with the goal of providing the best in service to its customers in private pension, auto enrolment and life insurance sectors, Garanti Pension continues to lead the sector by virtue of its innovative practices, as well as its strong sales performance and financial success, drawing on its experience in bancassurance. Steering the future of the sector through visionary novelties introduced in various fields, Garanti Pension maintains its fast pace of development on the back of its proactive product development and service process.

Garanti Pension is the leader of the private pension sector in total number of participants with 14.4% market share and reached TL 13.3 billion in total fund volume including government contribution.


Garanti Leasing

Operating in the leasing sector since 1990, Garanti Leasing, provides leasing services to a broad customer base covering corporate customers, commercial customers, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Being the only Turkish leasing company rated both by Standards & Poor’s (S&P) and Fitch Ratings, Garanti Leasing maintains a performance above the sector average with its service quality that distinguishes itself in the eyes of its customers. Garanti Leasing, a well-known player in the international markets, is set apart from its competitors with its qualified human resources, solid technical infrastructure, high funding capability and diversity of borrowing resources on the international markets.

As of December 31, 2017, Garanti Leasing’s total asset has reached TL 7.2 billion.


Garanti Fleet

Since 2007, Garanti Fleet has been offering long-term car leasing services for passenger cars of all makes and models sold in Turkey to companies of any size from SMEs to corporate businesses, as well as individual customers.

Garanti Fleet aims to provide unconditional and continuous customer satisfaction, maintaining the repair and maintenance standards set by car manufacturers, by proactively offering all necessary service components from tire replacement services to a network of service points. Garanti Fleet provides its services throughout Turkey, supported by the company’s robust financial standing and the strong brand name of Garanti.

In 2013, the company received an “Outstanding Achievement Award” following the introduction of “Garanti Fleet Second Hand”, a new platform for the sale of second hand cars. Garanti Fleet further developed this platform in 2015 to allow both corporations and individuals to buy second-hand cars.

Garanti Fleet continues to grow with an extensive sales network and new branches all around Turkey.

As of December 31, 2018 Garanti Fleet has an asset size of TL 1.7 billion and a fleet of 20.450 vehicles.


Garanti Factoring

Having started operations in 1990 as one of the first factoring companies in Turkey, Garanti Factoring offers products built on win-win principle for businesses controlling an extensive dealer or supplier network, export and import oriented companies, and SMEs. Achieving growth well above the industry average, Garanti Factoring provides trade financing with secure, exceptional and unique solutions. With widespread branch network, extensive field team and innovative approach, Garanti Factoring meet financial needs quickly and serve a bright future for both its customers and the nation’s economy.

As of the end of 2018, Garanti Factoring net loss 57,376 thousand TL and asset size of 2,434 million TL. In period, company realized totally 7.075 million TL factoring volume which consists of 5.434 million TL in domestic transactions, 635 million TL in export transactions and 13,144 million TL in import transactions. 

According to the Association of Financial Institutions data explained; as of end of 2018, Garanti Factoring is the sector leader in asset size and factoring receivables with 8.98% and 7,03% market share respectively.  

The 7th process of Garanti Factoring Corporate Governance Principles Compliance rating this year, is concluded as of 19.08.2018 and Corporate Governance Compliance Rating Grade for the period 19.08.2017-19.08.2018 is revised by increasing to “9.39” from “9.32”.


Garanti Technology

Garanti Technology enhances the efficiency, speed and quality of banking transactions, and thus makes life easier for its customers and contributes to Garanti Bank's profitability.

A provider of services in information technology, Garanti Technology (GT) delivers technology infrastructure, software development, internet applications, integration, systems management, security management, project management and office application services as well as consultancy services for companies in the banking and financial services industries. Garanti Technology operates via its team of 1620 competent individuals possessing the skill to offer creative technological solutions on any platform.

GT has a technological architecture providing real-time, uninterrupted system resources, an infrastructure executing millions of on-line transactions, and an operational control system ensuring perfect operability of the system 24/7. With a strong communications backbone, infrastructure-based video and data communications services, and design and engineering activities at global standards, GT manages all of the hardware and communication software of its clients. GT also provides field support services to thousands of points via its countrywide locations.

Garanti Technology pursues its activities based on the mission of keeping Garanti Bank and its subsidiaries one step ahead at all times. GT maintains its technological leadership by constantly investing in current technology, uninterrupted processing capability, infrastructure security, and others that will ensure energy saving and reduce overall IT management costs.